Akhirnya Rilis Juga

Finally released! It is a meaning of “Akhirnya Rilis Juga” that has been the first release party of the bands in the town. Following the trending topic of satire, the title is so much sophisticated than ever!

They are Reveur, Tuan Tanah, Hecht, Kolibri, Dopest Dope, and Anti-Scum who deal to organise the gig. As some purposes such as Reveur launches “Our 1st EP” and Tuan Tanah launches its new single “Color Blind” under the same netlabel, Nerve Records. Then, Hecht with “Kekkai,” Kolibri with the brand new EP album “Blank Television,” Dopest Dope with “The Luck Song,” and the firts appearance of new 70-80s punk band called Anti-Scum. Don’t worry, to make you easy to listen to the songs, we have composed a bootleg and you can listen to the releases here.

text by def-n | photographs and embed by Nadine Fauzia